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About the awards

About the awards

The St David Awards are the national awards of Wales and are nominated for by the public.

They recognise the outstanding achievements of different people from both in, and outside of Wales. These awards demonstrate that this country is a vibrant, innovative and confident nation, which values its people above all else.

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The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee members for the St David Awards will deliberate nominations to recommend 3 Finalists in each category for consideration by the First Minister so that he may choose the winners. More about the current advisory committee
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The Awards Trophy

The first, prestigious St David Awards trophy commission to have been awarded competitively was given to eminent artist and sculptor Gideon Petersen. More about the trophy

Awards Ceremony


23 March 2017


Senedd, Cardiff

Award categories

There are nine St David Awards. Each award is given in a specific category of activity and achievement, decided upon by the First Minister of the Welsh Government and his advisers.

Bravery Award

Citizenship Award

Culture Award

Enterprise Award

Innovation, Science & TechnologyAward

International Award

Sport Award

young person Award

First Minister's special Award

  • Bravery Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who have demonstrated remarkable courageous behaviour or character: doing what is right in difficult situations. This may entail simple fearlessness or physical bravery and involves acting in spite of possible harm to one's self.

  • Citizenship Award

    For an individual or group in Wales who, through their unselfish actions have served the public good. These could reflect "active citizenship" in which citizens have worked towards the betterment of their community through economic participation, public action, volunteer work, and other such efforts to improve life for their fellow citizens.

  • Culture Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who have excelled in the arts and other forms of cultural achievement, expressed in any art form, language or medium.

  • Enterprise Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who through their endeavours have achieved remarkable success in business. This may include the creation of meaningful employment for oneself and others.

  • Innovation, Science & TechnologyAward

    This award is for an individual, group or research team in Wales who have developed techniques or solutions that meet new requirements and provided effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are available to society at large.

  • International Award

    This award recognises any individual or group from Wales who have, through their work, personal prominence or influence, promoted Wales or who have made an outstanding contribution internationally.

  • Sport Award

    This award is intended for an individual, team or group in Wales who have achieved or helped achieve excellence in the field of sport.

  • Young person Award

    This award will be given to an exceptional and inspirational young person or group of up to 19 years of age in any field in Wales.

  • First minister's special Award

    This award is in the personal gift of the First Minister - you cannot nominate for it directly. The award may not be automatically awarded annually and may depend on currency and relevance as well as merit. It could reflect collective as well as individual achievement. The recipient may be selected from one of the other award winners or may be selected independently of them.


The 2017 awards timeline

  • Mar10

    nominations open

  • Oct21

    nominations close

  • Feb16

    Short listed Finalists announced

  • Mar23

    St David Awards Ceremony