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Nominate now

Before you start we strongly recommend that you read more about the nomination process. You can optionally download a PDF version of the form and submit via post or email.

Nominations close end of 28-Oct-2014

Letters of support

You can optionally email us letters which endorse the nominee’s contribution, from people who are familiar with their achievements.

You can use the following template for your letter of support: 2015 - Letter of support template.doc

Email letters of support as an attachment or a scanned attachment to:


To ensure that your nomination is submitted correctly make sure you have the following details and information ready:

  • Details of your nominee

    We don’t need their address but supplying as much information as you can will help your nomination.

  • The award category

    There are 8 available categories: Bravery, Citizenship, Culture, Enterprise, Innovation & Technology, International, Sport and Young Person.
    View more information about the categories

  • Your recommendation

    This is your opportunity to tell us why your nomination is deserving of an award. Maximum of 750 words.
    View some example recommendations

  • Your details

    We need some basic contact details so we can notify you of progress about your nomination.

  • Letters of support

    You can optionally email us letters which endorse the nominee’s contribution, from people who are familiar with their achievements. Details are provided in the form.


Here are three model nomination recommendations which should help you in writing your own:

Gareth - International

Gareth spent over 25 years promoting the rights and well-being of disabled youngsters. He is a manager at International Youth Work Wales, Youth Lighthouse and Deputy Director of Global Disabled Youth 201-2007 and Vice-Chair of the Pan-European Young People Exchange 2009-2012. He has ensured that professionals internationally have been linked in to the exceptional policy and practice developed in Wales. His work has resulted in Wales being internationally recognised as a significant player in the field of disability welfare. Gareth also took the lead in bringing major international international disability welfare events to Wales, such as organising a weekend long international congress for disabled children in Aberhenfelen and the Annual Global Disabled Youth Conference in Caernarfon in 2011. These events were opportunities for young people from a variety of countries to learn about Wales and work with our youngsters successfully. The promotion of Wales was at the forefront of all his activities. Of particular note is the fact that Gareth ensured that International Youth Work Wales staff were empowered to be consistent actors and contributors in their field globally – e.g. arranging exchanges between Wales and Senegal. He has been very effective in ensuring work in Wales on disability youth rights is recognised and respected across the world. He has also brought to us in Wales approaches and techniques which have succeeded elsewhere - Gareth is a true internationalist of the finest calibre who has not left Wales behind and continues to promote our contacts and engagement with the rest of the world with vigour and total commitment.

Betsan - Culture

Betsan is a remarkable young artist who shares her passion for her art with the community of Aberhenfelen, particularly through her role as Chair of the Aberhenfelen Folk Craft Group (AFDCG). Aged 13 she won best prize at the North Wales regional craft pottery competition in Bangor and in 2005 won first prize in the National Crefft Cymru Show in Cardiff, followed by the National Eisteddfod Gold Medal for Craft and Design. Betsan has since become a fellow of the prestigious Cardiff Arts Makers Association, but decided to stay in Aberhenfelen to teach her craft to the youth of region and develop her business. Throughout her training she has faced the isolation of being a long way from the big sources of commissions and commercial outlets in the south-east of Wales and London. She worked two part time jobs to raise the funds to travel each spring to undertake intensive mentoring and training with world renowned ceramicists in London and Belgium. Betsan is business champion for the Crefft Ifanc Youth Craft Wales Group (CIYCWG) and has recently exhibited two major shows of her work at MOMA in New York and at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. Betsan was the driving force behind the Wales = Craft makers tour to Vancouver and Toronto in September last year and she is planning a similar residency-tour to Seattle again this year. Betsan is not only an exceptional artist -she is also committed to building the arts community in general in Aberhenfelen and district. All of Betsan’s outreach work with the AFDCG has been voluntary. I would estimate that she has spent at least 15 hours every week for the past five years working with and mentoring the younger crafts professionals in the group. She is unrelenting in combining her talents and passion for her craft to promote high-end and uniquely Welsh ceramics She is an exceptional person doing her all for Wales.

Nerys - Sport

Nerys’ passion for her sport began back in 1986 when she began her coaching career. Although she was working full-time in her day job at an engineering firm, she also coached at Aberhenfelen Leisure Centre and Cwm Sgwt Badminton Club. Her coachees were boys under 16 and under 19 and the men’s squad. Her passion for this sport led her to develop accredited coaching qualifications which progressed into a professional role, becoming National Coach in 1999 for Badminton Wales. Her role then expanded to take in coaching of youth national squads, both male and female. Nerys lives and breathes her sport and the remarkable successes of the team nationally and internationally and her commitment, inspiration and passion led to her being appointed Coordinator of Coaching and Development in 2005. She has also been active in developing her own skills through climbing the CPD tutor and assessor qualifications ladders as well as being a fantastic role model and through her passion and interest in this sport transformed attitudes nationally,. Nerys is the face of badminton in Badminton Wales and her passion and enthusiasm are visible to everybody, ensuring that match tournaments and coaching courses etc. all move forward successfully and with added impact. Her motto is “We really can!” and she always goes the extra mile beyond her actual role to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Whilst maintaining a punishing and high pressure role, Nerys still volunteers and coaches in Bro Felen, ensuring that children/young people continue to engage and drive the sport forward. She is the greatest example and asset to the sport that the organisation possesses in Wales and really deserves national recognition.


There are nine St David Awards. Each award is given in a specific category of activity and achievement, decided upon by the First Minister of the Welsh Government and his advisers.

  • Bravery Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who have demonstrated remarkable courageous behaviour or character: doing what is right in difficult situations. This may entail simple fearlessness or physical bravery and involves acting in spite of possible harm to one's body.

  • Citizenship Award

    This award recognises an individual or group in Wales who through their unselfish actions have served the public good. These could reflect "active citizenship" in which citizens have worked towards the betterment of their community through economic participation, public action, volunteer work, and other such efforts to improve life for their fellow citizens.

  • Culture Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who have excelled in the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement, expressed in any art form, language or medium.

  • Enterprise Award

    This is an award for an individual or group in Wales who through their endeavours have achieved remarkable success in business. This may include the creation of meaningful employment for oneself and others.

  • Innovation & TechnologyAward

    This award is intended for an individual, group, company or research team in Wales which has developed techniques or solutions that meet new requirements and provided more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are available to society at large.

  • International Award

    This award recognises any individual or group who has through their work, personal prominence or influence promoted Wales on the world stage.

  • Sport Award

    This award recognises an individual, team or group in Wales who have achieved excellence or success in recognised activities based on physical athleticism or physical dexterity typically involving an element of competition.

  • Young person Award

    This award will be given to an exceptional inspirational young person of up to 19 years of age in any field in Wales.

  • First ministers special awardAward

    This award is in the personal gift of the First Minister - you cannot nominate for it directly. The award may not be automatically awarded annually and may depend on currency and relevance as well as merit. It could reflect collective as well as individual achievement. The recipient may be selected from one of the other award winners or may be selected independently of them.


The 2015 awards timeline

  • Jul21

    nominations open

  • Oct28

    nominations close

  • Feb12

    Short listed finalists announced

  • Mar12

    St David Awards Ceremony